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Mailing bags are a fantastic alternative to traditional envelopes and parcels for posting a range of goods. Mailers, as they are often known, are made from strong, lightweight polythene, which means they are waterproof, robust and difficult to tear. Available in a range of sizes, mailing bags are ideal for posting a wide range of items via regular post or a courier service and are particularly popular with mail order firms. They are rectangular in shape like a regular envelope, with an opening at one end.

The mailing bag’s closing flap, located directly next to the opening of the bag, contains an integral adhesive strip, which is initially covered by a row of tape. Once all contents have been placed into the bag, you just peel away the tape, fold down the flap and hey presto - the mailing bag is sealed. Simple as that!

Types of mailing bag

There are several types of mailing bag, each designed to serve a slightly different purpose, depending on your exact mailing or courier needs. Here are a few of the more popular types of mailers:

Economy lightweight - the classic mailing bag, although there is nothing ‘standard’ about these mailers. Light, waterproof, tough, easy-to-use and very competitively priced, economy lightweight mailers are a must-have addition to any office.

Blue opaque mailers - an attractive shiny metallic blue coating adds a touch of professionalism to these mailers, making them a firm favourite for companies and people sending mail order deliveries. Strong but not too thick. Professional but not too expensive, although a lightweight alternative is available for people on an even tighter budget.

Heavy duty mailers - perfect for sending heavier packages with peace of mind that the mailer will last the journey. Made from thicker plastic to withstand bashing and bumps during delivery, this range of mailers are a bunch of tough cookies.

Coloured mailers - add some vibrancy to your deliveries with these range of brightly coloured mailers. Match your product to the colour or just choose a nice colour at random to add a bit of zing to your customer’s mail! Available in baby pink, glossy blue, vibrant purple or eco green, with other colours available on request.

Security mailers - there are a number of different security mailers available that provide confidentiality for your mail and will give you peace of mind. The range includes tamper-evident bags that show if someone has attempted to open the bag and strong black security bags that ensure excellent confidentiality for the bag contents.

Promote your business with printed mailing bags

One fantastic way to advertise your business while also giving it a real stamp of professionalism is to get your mailing bags personalised with your company branding.

This can be a simple logo, company strapline or promotional message, or a combination of any of the above. Get your own mailing bags designed in your company colour scheme and fonts to reinforce your brand, increase your company visibility and strengthen your identity in the public eye.

You can even include handy information for your customers on the mailing bag, such as instructions on how to open the pack, or information on how to return the delivery, including a return address.

Personalised mailing bags have proved to be a winner with countries all over the country and around the world, so make sure you aren’t missing a fantastic opportunity to promote your business.

Branded mailing bags - Who will win gold this summer?

The Olympic Games may be taking a break until Rio 2016 but, in the world of branded packaging, the race is a continual one. Customised mailing bags, complete with logos, slogans, straplines and handy customer instructions, provide companies with the opportunity to stand out in a busy, competitive marketplace.

Clear, well-thought out branding added to packages or parcels sent in the post can really help a company distinguish themselves from the rest and add a touch of professionalism to the sales pitch in the meantime.

Rio may still be a long way off, but companies everywhere are still vying for gold and personalised mailing bags can go a long way to deciding the winner.

Where can I buy mailing bags?

Manufacturers and suppliers of mailing bags include:

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Discount Mailing Envelopes
Website dedicated to answer your questions about mailing envelopes. You will find information on all standard mailing bags sizes and bespoke and custom made envelopes.

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Mailing Bags Direct
Mailing Bags is specialised in mailing bags and courier bags. Provides a guide for common applications for mailing packaging and helps getting your order direct from suggested manufacturers.

Research & Resources

For further information about mailing bags, including details of how they are manufactured and the different types of mailing bags available, please visit:

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How to get the most out of your mailing bags

Mailing bags are a fantastic way to maximise what you can send in one envelope. As they are made from durable polythene rather than paper, like traditional envelopes, they are strong enough to test the limits of how much you can put it, safe in the knowledge that, if you do step too far, they won’t completely rip down the middle, making a right mess of the envelope.

One handy tip if you are trying to post a load of flyers in one mailing bag is to pick a bag size slightly larger (height & width) than the items that you want to send. Place the flyers into smaller piles and push these into the mailing back one small pile at a time. However, don’t try to push the second pile in above or below the first one!

Instead, open up a gap in the middle and push the second pile into this gap, then repeat with the third, etc. Each pile should slide in with ease and won’t risk getting snagged on the inside of the plastic envelope.